I’ve been in Corporate Finance for over 20 years.  I started out in the UK where I studied Computer Systems an was set on becoming a systems engineer, I landed a position in accounting working for a top data analytics company looking to grow from the inside.  After a few years of shadowing accountants I realized I loved accounting and soon moved over to a position in Credit Control where I gained a lot more experience and took on an analytical role.  Fast forward a number of years and I have moved to the USA worked in the Advertising, Security Systems, Medical Devices and architecture & engineering industries.  My passion for accounting grew and I went on to earn my Bachelors in Accounting, I also earned the certified bookkeeper and payroll administrator professional certificates.


The vision for Double T Bookkeeping came mid 2020 while listening to Ken Coleman from Dave Ramsey I identified "my sweet spot" which is where my passion lies.  I love numbers, it's universal and always tells a story.  I provide full service bookkeeping and accounting.  I am a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor with Wave and Xero experiences and have the skills, knowledge and determination necessary to help business owners make informed financial decisions, and take away the stress of bookkeeping.

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I know how time consuming bookkeeping concerns can be, and they all require personalized and detail-oriented attention.  My vision is to help business owners be empowered with their finances, save you money and time.  Know your numbers know your business.  By keeping up with your bookkeeping you will have a better picture of your business and avoid the stress and headache of trying to catch up come tax season or any other important event.


Contact me and start benefiting from my accounting expertise today.